1. main characteristics:

- The dedicated telephone line is your "property" in all cases: for example, if you stop the domiciliation with us, you can take this number with you and assign it to any other address of your choice. For the sustainability of your business, it is very important that your contacts can continue to join the numbers (telephone, fax) listed on your business cards, letterhead paper, emails, etc.

- Redirecting calls on the number of your choice (can be changed), fixed-line or mobile number, in Switzerland or abroad.

2. Cost:

- The phone domiciliation itself depends on the quantity of lines (Discount);

- Communication costs: charged directly by the operator (current rates);

- No deactivation fee.

3. Options:

- Possibility to check your vocal messages (format pcm/wav) and faxes (format tiff/jpeg) via a web browser or to receive them by email;

- According to availability, you can choose the suffix (mnemonic termination) of phone and / or fax numbers allocated.