«Switzerland tops the GCI for the seventh consecutive year. Switzerland leads the innovation pillar, thanks to its world-class research institutions (1st), high spending on research and development (R&D) by companies (1st), and strong cooperation between the academic world and the private sector (3rd). But many other factors contribute to Switzerland’s innovation ecosystem, including the level of business sophistication (1st) and the country’s capacity to nurture and attract talent. Switzerland boasts an excellent education system at all levels and is a pioneer of the dual education system. The labor market is highly efficient (1st), with high levels of collaboration between labor and employers (1st) and balancing employee protection with flexibility and business needs. Swiss public institutions are among the most effective and transparent in the world (6th), and competitiveness is further buttressed by excellent infrastructure and connectivity (6th) and highly developed financial markets (10th). Last but not least, Switzerland’s macroeconomic environment is among the most stable worldwide (6th) at a time when many developed countries continue to struggle in this area. These very strong economic fundamentals help to explain Switzerland’s resilience throughout the crisis».